Open Space Planning on First Hill

It seems like a perennial challenge to create well-utilized open space in urban settings! Many cities suffer from a lack of trees and green spaces. The street grid imposes limits on developing new open space. These challenges are even more profound in dense urban neighborhoods, like Seattle's First Hill.

Have you read this article in the Capitol Hill Blog? There is a great summary of the public presentation and dialogue underway as part of the City of Seattle's s proposed First Hill Public Real Action Plan.

Seattle is embracing the city blocks in this proposed plan – if approved, a 1.7 mile loop of parks and parklets, active zones, and green boulevards. Block by block, these improvements could add 50,000 square feet of green open space! What a benefit this would be to the overall quality of life in this growing urban center!

This presentation was held at Town Hall Seattle on January 7, 2015.

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