Partner Spotlight: Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust And The Snoqualmie Strategy

ROSS is in the planning stages of work for its next Watershed Open Space Strategy: the Snohomish. And thanks to the pioneering work of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and a number of other ROSS partners, there is already a solid foundation of watershed-scale planning to build from.

The Snoqualmie Valley is home to world class agricultural lands and forests that provide timber, salmon habitat, recreational opportunities – all within striking distance of the urban centers of Seattle and Bellevue. The Greenway Trust is working with Stewardship Partners and a cross section of the valley community on a watershed-scale initiative to find common ground and shared priorities around farmland preservation, forest health, salmon recovery, tourism, recreation and sustainable development.

The ROSS provides a framework for the Snoqualmie Strategy to craft an integrated, long-term solution to conserving open space in the watershed. The Greenway Trust and its partners are working to preserve the valley’s rural character and natural capital in the face of development pressure and population growth.

“We are excited to integrate our work in the Snoqualmie Valley with the ROSS to create a comprehensive open space strategy for the Snohomish Watershed,” said Greenway Trust Executive Director Cynthia Welti. “The Snoqualmie Valley is the breadbasket and playground of central Puget Sound, and preserving its forested hillsides and rural character will take ongoing community involvement and coordination.”

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