ROSS Executive Meeting + Open Space Social

The Bullitt Center

Our June 11th Executive Committee meeting concluded with a tour of The Bullitt Center and our first “Open Space Social” to provide a networking opportunity for colleagues from around the region. It was a fun, festive event – stay tuned for information on future Open Space Socials in the future. We plan to host more of them!

At the meeting itself, we unveiled the Puyallup-White Watershed Open Space Strategy (WOSS). After engaging with communities in the watershed, the ROSS Team identified local actions of regional significance and sketched out proposed actions that cluster around specific geographies and are mutually reinforcing. If properly integrated into plans and strategies among our partners, these proposals could have a transformative effect on the watershed’s ecology, economy and livability.

The ROSS Team also reported on its efforts to identify priorities and solutions for five key challenges facing the Puget Sound region where open space plays a critical role. Our work on biodiversity management is being coordinated by Woodland Park Zoo. Actions that support climate adaptation and mitigation are being framed by EcoAdapt. Leaders from Seattle Children’s and the University of Washington are exploring the connections between health and open space at a regional scale. Additional partnerships are underway to explore how the open space system reinforces objectives for economic development and social equity.

The next Executive Committee and Open Space Social are being planned for later this year. Go to our Get Involved page to be informed about the latest ROSS work!

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