The ROSS Welcomes a New Team

We are Excited to Introduce the New ROSS Team!

The beginning of this year saw transitions in the ROSS team, as long-time staff have moved onto new, exciting opportunities and new staff was welcomed to the team. After much anticipation, we are proud to announce Ikuno Masterson as the new ROSS Senior Planner. Ikuno has been involved in both public and private sector planning in the region for over 25 years. She has dedicated her career to integrating the built environment with the natural environment and is looking forward to continuing to do so through her leadership on the ROSS.

We are also thrilled to welcome four other professionals to the team who collectively hold advanced degrees in urban planning, landscape architecture, and public administration. Joining the team in January, Cat Silva is the new Associate Planner managing ROSS communications and regional initiatives. Heidi Kandathil and VeraEve Giampietro began work on the Green-Duwamish Waterhsed Open Space Strategy in February, with Heidi serving as Lead Planner and VeraEve as the Associate Planner. Finally, this week, we welcomed our fifth and final team member, Janet Lee, who is the new Associate Planner working on the Snohomish Watershed Open Space Strategy.

This new team has formed after the departure of Jeff Raker and Ginger Daniel. Jeff held the position of Senior Planner for over three years and was the glue between the diverse and disparate efforts of the ROSS. Ginger, our former Associate Planner, began working for the ROSS on the Preliminary Comprehensive Plan in 2012 and has since managed ROSS communications and played a crucial role on the Ecosystems Services and Regional Prioritization Committee. Both individuals will be greatly missed!

Our new team is eager to progress the work of the ROSS and advance our regional watershed efforts. 2014 was a big year for regional open space, but we hope 2015 will be even bigger!


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