The ROSS team is supported by a dedicated and active Executive Committee composed of a diverse group of stakeholders. The Committee is represented by non-profit organizations, concerned citizens, and local and state government agencies within the Central Puget Sound Region. (See the People + Partners tab for a full list.) The Committee meets periodically to discuss the progress of the ROSS as well as the state of open spaces regionally and nationally. Below you will find summaries of these meetings and many of the presentations that were given by various organizations.

July 13, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting Documents


April 8, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting Documents


February 17, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting Documents

Continued growth in the region can in fact present opportunities for us to restore our watersheds, develop more environmentally sensitive approaches to treating stormwater, enhance habitat, and pioneer new technologies and industries that benefit the environment and the regional economy (Vision 2040, Part 1 - Toward a Sustainable Environmental, page 10).

December 1, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Documents

- Even 50 years ago, the region realized the importance of open spaces, and vowed to preserve them for the betterment of our region and nation's continued high quality of life.
- Valuing ecosystem services is becoming the norm in federal operations based on this Presidential memorandum which directs federal agencies to factor the value of ecosystem services into federal planning and decision making.
- While pretty much standard language to those familiar with NEPA, in another memorandum, the President reiterates:
We all have a moral obligation to the next generation to leave America's natural resources in better condition than when we inherited them. It is the same obligation that contributes to the strength of our economy and quality of life today.
With a conservative approach, considering natural capital as a short-lived economic asset - something that depreciates over time, like a bridge or a road, Central Puget Sound's minimum natural capital asset value is shown to be between $328 billion and $825 billion. However, unlike built capital, our open space is largely self-sustaining, renewable, and long-lived. Furthermore, as the region continues to grow, our open space resources will increase in value due to their greater scarcity. By using a zero discount rate, over 100 years, the natural capital asset value of the Central Puget Sound region is as high as $2.6 trillion (Earth Economics, 2015, ii).

June 9, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Documents

Kitsap County is recognized for its commitment in acquiring park and open space acreage during the past two decades. Public open spaces, under the auspices of Kitsap County Parks & Recreation Department grew 215%  (Kitsap County Open Space Plan, 2015, 23).

January 22, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Documents

Our goal is to coordinate the work already being done by local, state, and federal agencies to manage habitat restoration, salmon recovery, flood control, public health, economic development, and more (King County).

June 11, 2014 Executive Committee Meeting Documents


May 3, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting Documents


January 10, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting Documents



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